Nurse Fatigue Checklist & Survey

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Nurse fatigue in the work setting is shown to contribute to errors in care delivery. Nurse fatigue can compromise patient safety and can be a barrier to delivering high quality patient care.  As a follow-up to a student capstone project, Professor Beth Vottero PhD, RN, CNE, of Purdue Northwest has created a self-assessment checklist of evidence-based criteria found to reduce nurse fatigue when present in hospital systems. There is also a survey, based on the checklist, to collect data on the presence or absence of criteria to reduce fatigue in hospital policies in the state of Indiana. Participation is completely voluntary. No identifiable information will be collected and responses are anonymous. Benefits from participation include increased awareness of evidence-based criteria for reducing nurse fatigue, and understanding of hospital policies that can reduce nurse fatigue and the checklist can be used as a tool to help improve hospital policies.

The factors were derived from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Position Statement Addressing Nurse Fatigue to Promote Safety and Health (2014). This statement articulates ANA’s position with regard to the joint responsibilities of registered nurses and employers to reduce risks from nurse fatigue and the create and sustain a culture of safety, a healthy work environment, and a work-life balance. Both registered nurses and employers have an ethical responsibility to carefully consider the need for adequate rest and sleep when deciding whether to offer or accept work assignments, including on-call, voluntary, or mandatory overtime (ANA 2014, para. 2).

Here is the Nurse Fatigue Checklist.

Here is the survey.