The Indiana State Nurses Assistance Program (ISNAP) is administered by the Indiana State Nurses Association (ISNA). ISNA, the professional organization for Indiana’s registered nurses, initiated and implemented the return of monitoring of our impaired nurses, from another state, to Indiana in August 2005.

ISNA was originally organized in 1903 in order to secure a nurse practice act, which was designed to protect the citizens of Indiana. ISNA has, for 100 years, promoted and protected nurses, the nursing profession and those who receive nursing care.

In an ISNAP monitoring contract, the Recovery Monitoring Agreement (RMA) requires the identified nurse to provide collateral reports of his or her recovery process from specialized addiction professionals, worksite monitors and others, as well as randomized drug tests.

ISNAP’s vision is to continue in the tradition of ISNA, as an agent in consumer protection and to monitor and advocate for safe nursing practices in Indiana.

Our primary mission is to protect public safety by monitoring nurses who are impaired by alcohol and other drugs. Secondarily, our mission is to enable impaired nurses to achieve sobriety and thereby ensure they are safe to practice nursing in Indiana.

Protecting the Public While Saving Careers
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