Consumer Protection


Consumer Protection

Identification, intervention and appropriate treatment leading to rehabilitation create safer work environments for both our patients as well as the staff. It is ISNAP’s primary purpose to ensure public safety. ISNAP is governed by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. Indiana statutes direct the monitoring and facilitation of the recovery of Indiana Nurses who have a DSM-IV diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence, or to rule out a substance use disorder.

It is a nurse’s professional, ethical and legal responsibility in Indiana, to help identify impaired colleagues to ensure patient/client safety. Some health care systems have policies and procedures in place, which aid in reporting and helping impaired colleagues. If your facility does not have such policies and procedures established, our Program Director can present an in-service at your location. Contact us at (317)295-9862 or (800)638-6623. Detection and treatment protects the rights of the patient, the impaired nurse and the employer.

The disease of addiction has observable, predictable symptoms and can be fatal if left untreated. Addiction is caused by the interaction of biological, psychosocial and environmental factors. As with other chronic diseases, treatment is effective, but there is no cure for addiction. The person remains at lifelong risk for relapse. Total abstinence from all psychoactive substances is essential to maintain sobriety. Continual self-care planning is an integral component of monitoring; including ongoing involvement with 12 step recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Nurse Support Meetings.

Protecting the Public While Saving Careers
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