What is ISNAP?


What is ISNAP?

Indiana law allows the Indiana State Board of Nursing to investigate licensed nurses (RN or LPN) for alleged violation of standards of Professional Practice. In cases of suspected impairment and/or diversion by a nurse, the Board may refer the case to the Indiana State Nurses Assistance Program (ISNAP).

ISNAP is a program funded by nurses’ licensure fees collected by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. The program offers consultation, referral and monitoring for nurses whose practice is impaired or potentially impaired, due to the use, abuse or dependency of alcohol and other drugs.

A referral to ISNAP may be made by the employer, Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), co-worker, family member, friend or the nurse themselves. A nurse who is willing to undergo a thorough evaluation to determine the extent of the problem and undertake treatment needed will have confidentiality regarding the monitoring of their cases. The nurse who self reports will not face disciplinary action by the ISBN against her/his nursing license: unless there is a refusal to comply with the ISNAP monitoring agreement. However, if the Attorney General’s (AG) Office is simultaneously pursuing a complaint, the AG’s Office may refer it to the ISBN for further review. If the nurse is found not to be eligible to participate in the ISNAP program, the case will be closed. If there was a complaint filed with the AG’s Office, that office will be notified that the nurse does not meet the criteria for monitoring with ISNAP.

According to the Indiana Nurse Practice Act, any nurse who knows of a health care provider who demonstrates any unprofessional conduct which might jeopardize the safety of a patient or client is required by statute to report this to the office of the Indiana Attorney General, Board of Nursing, ISNAP or his or her employer.

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