The purpose of the ISNA Political Action Committee is to promote the improvement of the health care of the people by:

  1. Encouraging and stimulating nurses and others to take a more active part in governmental affairs;
  2. Educating nurses and others to become aware of government, the important political issues, and the records of office holders and candidates;
  3. Assisting nurses and others who support nursing issues in organizing themselves for more effective political action;
  4. Raising funds for the aforementioned purpose and from such funds making contributions to candidates for state or legislative office without regard to party affiliation, political parties, or legislative caucuses, who by their acts have demonstrated their interest in matters of concern to nurses; and
  5. Taking any actions necessary or desirable for attainment of the purpose stated above.

Send your contribution to the ISNA Nurse-PAC today so ISNA can continue to support the public policy makers in future campaigns.  Make your check payable to “ISNA-Nurse PAC” and send it to 2915 North High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46224 or you may click below to charge your donation.  Note: Contributions to the ISNA-Nurse PAC are NOT tax deductible.

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