Sample Letter Format

(Write letter on your personal letterhead)

Current Date
The Honorable John Smith
Indiana State Senate
State House
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Senator Smith:

Paragraph 1: I am writing to urge you to support/oppose (State Bill Number) which would (explain expected consequence of the proposed legislation.)

Paragraph 2: Briefly state why you support/oppose the proposed legislation. Use facts, observations and statistics to strengthen your argument. Follow with personal experience or example.

Paragraph 3: I urge you to vote yes/no for (bill #) so that (the general effects legislation will/will not have on constituents.) I would appreciate your response on this legislation.


Jane Doe, R.N. Staff Nurse

cc: Blayne Miley, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Indiana State Nurses Association

Note: Your letter should be well organized, free of smudges, misspelling and typographical errors to convey your professionalism. Never write on a postcard.